Modulation is the key to good music. 

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We provide an educational, collaborative environment for artists in development who want to grow through real-life experience and become the greatest possible versions of themselves. Onstage and off. Our unique and powerful collective is comprised of noteworthy touring, recording and performing musicians. We are more than teachers, we possess knowledge on more than any one given musical element or instrument and we impart that information in a way that, to our knowledge only exists here.

New, fun series!

Musicians of Notes” is something I’ve always wanted to do. Having all of the articles about musicians who blew my mind on some topic, or idea or concept… Or who just changed the entire way I heard music with a single song, melody, solo, style, etc.. All in one place! Why is it not called “Musicians of Note”? Because that’s corny and inaccurate. Also, I’m sure its been used a gazillion times… So my series, “Musicians of Notes” represents all of the above as well as Musicians who use more than one note. Enjoy!

Here’s the first one. Jon Brion on Sound Opinions.

I was just rolling along¬†pleasantly in life when Jon Brion’s voice lept out of the speaker and slapped me in the soul by playing Nirvana in the style of George Gershwin. The whole episode is great, but that part is extra special. Enjoy!

My kids have been practicing piano for years with another instructor who I felt wasn’t challenging them enough. I was lucky to find Adam’s name when asking some local mom’s for recommendations. Since working with Adam for only five weeks they have learned so much and are excited about piano again! Adam quickly learns what makes them tick. Not only that but they just started taking guitar lessons too! The best testimonial is the one of my two kids who was not interested in guitar LOVED taking his guitar lesson and has been practicing without me having to ask. Adam makes the lesson so much fun and knows how to get on their level and keep them on task without being condescending. My boys love taking lessons with him.

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